With more than 15 years’ experience in interrogating data, Nielsen BookData Research can provide you with the actionable insight your business needs based on our in-house panel measurements across point-of-sale data and consumer surveys. As well as reporting on market trends, we have comprehensive information on consumer book purchasing and behaviours, answering questions such as:

  • Who is buying what books?
  • What is the digital share across genres?
  • What is the ideal price point by format and category?
  • How does shopper behaviour differ by channel?

Nielsen Books & Consumers is a monthly survey of c3,000 book buyers aged 13-84 that are nationally representative of the UK population. By asking buyers about the specific books that they’ve bought, we can profile UK book-buyers by format, genre, author and sometimes title, allowing unique and focused insight into who is buying bestsellers and key genres, and how that changes year-on-year, in order to help you identify the best methods to reach and expand your audience.

Each year we carry out specific studies to explore pressing topics inherent to book markets. These larger syndicated deep dive studies include:

  • Understanding the Children’s and YA Book Consumer, now in its seventh year, which trends how reading fits into the lives of 0-25 year olds amongst other activities and digital distractions.
  • Understanding the UK Audiobook Consumer
  • Understanding the UK E-Book Consumer
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