Nielsen Book2Look widgets offer a quick and easy way for you to maximise the impact of your digital marketing strategy. Once widgets have been created for your titles you will have complete control over the continuous editing and sharing capabilities of each widget.

Book widgets can be shared on social media platforms, blogs, online review articles, distributed via media channels and can be used to enhance additional interactive content to connect with readers.

Widgets can be fully integrated as a dynamic look inside solution that can be easily embedded on your website.


Use your widgets to:

  • Share on Social media platforms including, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest
  • Easily add video and audio content from Youtube, Vimeo and SoundCloud
  • Add in direct shoplinks to your preferred retailers or your own website
  • Customise and send to bloggers as well as participating booksellers
  • Receive in-depth analytics and create reports on how your widgets are being viewed and
    shared across the web

The widgets you create are yours to share and market to help discoverability of your title. Nielsen BookData will automatically embed your widgets on our bibliographic database for additional exposure which is used by booksellers and libraries around the world.


Click on the image for an example widget:

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You can also read our Nielsen Book2Look FAQs for more information.



Once your book is close to publication you need to list it on our database along with its basic bibliographic information. By doing so you will ensure that both retail and library customers have pre-publication information for your print and e-books as soon as possible. Booksellers and librarians use our database to search and purchase books, and online retailers use your listed bibliographic data to populate their websites.

When you are publishing your title, your focus will include identifying how to get it discovered by readers. The best way to do this is to make sure booksellers and librarians have access to your book information via our services. The more information available about your book the more likely they are to discover and buy it.


Our research shows that the more metadata elements you include in your title record the more likely it is to sell.

Our Editorial Team will manage your information, ensuring accuracy, consistency, timeliness and completeness of your records, which will give your titles the competitive edge when viewed by book buyers around the world.



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